Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Brought to you by Bachelor Organic Dishwasher Systems....and that's no bull!


dianne said...

Very cute Boney but if you ever get around to inviting me over for dinner I think I will bring my own plate and cutlery. :) xoxox ♥

dianne said...

Nice clouds and scenery around there Boney, I see your umbrella is still working and I just caught a peek of the barn. Memories... :) xoxo ♥

foam said...

how do you know that i don't serve my husband off plates that have been washed that way? i do have a dog after all. ..
just kidding .. of course ..
but you have given me an idea .. you know .. a useful one for those days when i still love him, but am not liking him too much at the moment .. cause .. well, just cause the titans have clashed ..

the dog does come in handy when i spill stuff on the floor..
and that's no bull either .. or a bison ..

foam said...

comment for the top video .. you know .. your weather report:

aha ..!

boneman said...

well, as it turns out, the dogs do such a good job of it, I sometimes end up cleaning dishes twice because i don't know if they 'helped' or not.
But, yeah...I've been working on displaying a working model of an organic spill cleaner.
But, darned ol' Gni Gni is so fast, she has it cleaned before I can film it....
er, digit it?

The umbrella...yes. It works, but, not so much in the wind.
Any little wind and it's open x 2

Peeking in the barn, are you?
I'm guessing from the temps around these parts you're trying to find those blankets.
Southeast corner, downstairs. In the wood chest on the floor there.
(Cushy blankets....)

dianne said...

Yes peeking in the barn again.

Thanks Boney, I might need those cushy blankets to keep warm since you've told me I have to sleep in the barn. Dammit! ♥

And I'm hungry too and all the pear pie is gone. :) xoxox

boneman said...

Still plenty of pears hanging there. Apples too.
I'll send out some hot chocolate later after my bath.

dianne said...

Gee thanks Boney that's very kind of you. :)

I'll pretend I'm walking around the Garden of Eden and pick some fruit from the trees...I hope there aren't any serpents lurking about in the grass. ;) xoxoxo ♥

Anonymous said...


boneman said...

do you have an inpedetimated spelling problem there, buddy?

Are you suffering from an abundance of おならの顔 ?

If so, just turn your computer off and....それを、お尻を突き出す
You'll feel much better, then.

boneman said...

no...on the other hand, I found that some folks weaned on a pickle, so, I forgive you your opinion.

Of what, I dunno.

dianne said...

I love your sense of humour Boney :) and I apologise if I have in any way encouraged these couple of nasty negative comments by having used your barn and dining room as backdrops for my nude posts. :) xoxoxo ♥

boneman said...'s my fault for even bothering with leaving this kind of 'shtuff' here.

I'm sorry in a lot of ways.

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