Thursday, September 18, 2008

anal gland cancer moving fast


Jean said...


Animal Rights said...

That is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself allowing a defenseless animal to suffer like you're doing. Please do the humane thing and put the animal out of its misery.

Oh. Maybe you're feelings are more important than the dog's.

boneman said...

Get over yourselves. Without any information of medical condition or having any medical background you feign knowledge of this?
As of this moment, all money I have gathered for your organization, PETA, is revoked. I will donate it to a local animal shelter.
Don't bother replying here ever again.

dianne said...

Boney dear that is terrible and so sad, I'm sorry... are you sure she is not in any pain?
I know you have consultations with the vet, has he/she given you any hope or indication of her recovering from this?

If not you may have to make that inevitable decision,I know you love her and you are doing all you can for her and at the risk of alienating our friendship I must say I'm sure you wouldnt want to see her get worse if there is no hope of recovery. ♡

boneman said...

so, when your dad first started showing signs of alzhiemer's, did you put him to sleep?
How about your son with MS.
Bout time to take him to where they put children to sleep?
He isn't getting any better, is he?

Animal Rights said...

We are morons and you're letting a defenseless animal suffer. I see your logic.

Certainly if you really think about it, you'll do the right thing.

It's not sanitary, it's inhumane and cruel.

Enjoy your dying animal while it suffers through your pathetic emotions.

P.S. If you don't want comments, don't post pictures of animal abuse on your blog. The world is watching, surely you're aware of that, right?

boneman said...

You have no understanding of what you're seeingm, and yet you respond like this?
Peta IS a joke.


dianne said...

I was trying to be objective and sympathetic to your feelings and the plight of GniGni...merely offering a suggestion that you might think on... leaving the emotions out of it.

My Dad didnt have alzheimers, he was very old with a heart problem which was managed with medication and yes I took care of him every day, he wasnt in any pain, just old and frail.

Yes my son has MS and no he is not getting any better nor will he, I dont know what the future holds for him, maybe he will have enough time left to find a cure or at least alleviate some of his symptoms.

I'm sorry if my comment hit a raw nerve with you and made you angry and you felt you had to be spiteful and lash out at me.
I was only trying to be understnding and of some help.

boneman said...

if you take sides with a fake organization, and actually stand with them on this matter, then you're damned right I'll lash out.

I haven't come this far to let a fake organization decide for me or my dog when life is endable.
Take that to the bank, girl!

They have no idea of her condition, her status, or her medications.
Neither do you, for that matter.

Try to imagine that they just wrote to your blog and decided for you that your son should be put to sleep.

Rest on that thought for a moment

Anonymous said...

PeTA IS a joke! They have decided that nobody should have any pets AT ALL! What a joke!
MORONS??? That's giving a bad name to morons.
They are naziesque, to say the least.
No fish tanks, no cats, no dogs, no pets, no chickens, no donkeys, no rabbits....
Since they can't be set "free" into the wild, what do you think they suggest you do with your pets?
Put them all asleep.

Stick to your guns, boneman. They're
Puke Eating Theatrical Agents
at best!

dianne said...

I wasnt siding with PETA, I was offering you my sincere advice, support and opinion and I was honest enough to post the comment under my own name.

You are the one who said GniGni had cancer, I hope she gets better and the cancer can be also said in a post that she helped you dig her grave... maybe you should read what I have written when you arent so angry...I do realise this is an emotional time for you.

As far as my son with progressive MS is concerned, unless they come up with a miracle cure we know he is not going to make it and yes I do everything I can for him to make him comfortable but I dont imagine he is ever going to get better.

boneman said...

Gni Gni does have cancer, and I'm not a millionaire that can afford big city treatment.
But, I have put dogs down.
I damned well know when to do so. And, likewise, unless a pure miracle comes and shines its light on my dog's ass, it will not get better.

PeTa is a fake organization that thrives on two things:
Taking everybody's pets away from them.
That is to say, they don't want you to have your cats as pets, either.

Research who you stand with, next time.

dianne said...

Hey Boneman, if you actually used your brain and your eyes and read what I have actually said you would realise that I wasnt siding with PETA, for one thing, I have never heard of them before yesterday and I wasnt telling you to euthanase your dog, not here or in my e-mails.

Obviously there has been a misunderstanding, you chose to see my message in a negative way for whatever reason...I really dont care what you think of me any more.

I'm pleased to see that GniGni is faring well according to your post on Time Flies, I hope she stays that way for a long time with your care and afffection.
Maybe you should have posted that video yesterday, instead of that heartbreaking graphic image you have up there.

I did however notice that one other commenter over there brought up the same subject that I did and that is further down the track you might have to make that inevitable decision about having GniGni put down if and when the cancer gets worse.

I hope this commenter doesnt get his head bitten off by you like I did, or have a son with a terminal illness and get sent down the same path by you that I have.

I was actually very sympathetic to you and GniGni's illness and offered some very sincere words of comfort and advice as I know how much she means to you...but you chose to see my words in a critical way.
Dont worry Boneman, I'll heed your advice and do Australia a big favour by never becoming a doctor, I'll just stick with nursing.

I hope she has many happy days left to spend with you.

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