Monday, September 22, 2008

Brought to you by TOY YODA


foam said...

always iisten to your toy yoda ..

boneman said...

you've been playing with your wii too much.
(and if you play with your wii too much, you know what I mean)

dianne said...

Boney that is just co cute: you have a Toy Yoda and a great ladder as well. :) xoxoxox

boneman said...

well, the toy is interesting, but the ladder sucks.
It's too heavy, folding it is not like origami, and it provides very little more than a standard, fiberglass ladder (or wood, for that matter) can.

And, I'm not just saying that because it was made in china. Which it was.
The danged thing would cost more to ship than it costs, BUT it was a gift from my brother (he said he'll never use it) and, if I understand this correctly, it was a gift from someone else to him.

Over here, if you watch Seinfeld, that's called 'regifting' which was a funny episode on that program. This is just too heavy for too little.

But the Yoda dude is fun.

dianne said...

And the ladder looked so new and shiny that's what got my attention; but I guess all that shines can also suck! Re gifted eh! :) xoxox

boneman said...

yes....although I fall for the bit every time...'not everything that glitters is gold' I still stop and pick up shiny things off the street.Sometimes they're coins.
Sometimes they're bottle caps.

boneman said...'s no secret...
I'm easy.

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